Enable&Disable all constraints of Table

by on 4th August 2017

Hello, for my work’s need I have to disable and enable all constraints of particular table and making this task one by one is exhausting for me so I have to solve it and must be make it with script. For this scenario let’s create sample table with multiple constraint. Now we have products_price_ck, products_name_ck, […]

Linux Shell: Number Game

by on 16th February 2017

Hello, in this article we will look at simple shell number game. The purpose of the game is demonstrate simple shell scripting commands like if, while, user input-output and etc. When script execute firstly, it generates random number between 1 and 100 and it asks for user to enter “Number of attempts he/she wish to […]

Oracle Enterprise Linux. How to reset root password.

by on 3rd November 2016


Hello friends, today I’ll share with you instruction with how to reset root password on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.5 Operation Sytem. Press F2 when the operation system boot. Press e Select Kernel and press e again. Type single and press enter. Choose Kernel and press b from keyboard. Type passwd and press enter After that type […]

How to install WordPress plugin from cpanel and activate in PhpMyAdmin

by on 1st November 2016


Hello, There is such a case you are not able to install or deactivate plugins from WordPress dashboard. For example, in my case after deactivating CloudFlare Flexible SSL WordPress Plugin. WordPress logouted me and I am not able to login dashboard. In such situation, following the steps below will save you. How to install new […]

SQL Boolean Operator’s Priority

by on 21st October 2016


Before starting Boolean operator’s (and, or, not) priority, I want to talk about what is Boolean operators are. Most ‘where’ clauses contain more than one comparison. We can use those operators to connect multiple comparisons in one expression. There is no limit of the number of those operators to use our query. For example, if […]